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Reproductive Justice

I believe in the power of theatre and storytelling to dismantle shame and shift culture. 

My personal calling has been to activate the creative potential within Reproductive Justice* initiatives, using art, creativity and curiosity to redefine our sexual culture


From 2014-2020 I toured as an Actor-Educator with a show called Sex Signals, which performs at college campuses and military bases worldwide, engaging audience members in necessary, difficult conversations surrounding gender, sex and sexual violence prevention. I was also a sex educator with The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, as well as a company member with For Youth Inquiry, their participatory theatre company. I am also the creator of the Sex Positivity Tarot - a tarot inspired practice designed to facilitate curious, shame-free conversations about sex and sexuality. Currently, I work in New York as a violence prevention educator under NYC's Enough Is Enough Law, passed in 2015 to end sexual harassment and assault on college campuses. 

*Reproductive Justice, pioneered and defined by the SisterSong Women of Color Collective, is the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children and parent children in safe and sustainable communities

The Cast of FYI's "Forecast" at the InterAction Community Theatre for Social Justice Confe

Check out my interview "The Artist as Sacred and Profane" with the inimitable Rachel Lark on her Podcast What's The Point? with Rachel Lark HERE!

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